Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Peter La Chesnez Heude

A monument in All Saints, High Laver, Essex, reads:

Near this place lies the body of Peter La Chesnez Heude. Who, by the will of the Almighty, was deprived of both his Parents, before he could feel their loss; but the Divine Goodness so ordered it, that he was placed under the Care of one, who contracted the Affection of a tender Mother for her orphan Charge.

May her Example be imitated by all to whom the Care of helpless Infancy is entrusted!

After a long and painful illness, he ended his Life, under the Roof of his kind Protectress, at the House of the Rev Mr Scott, the Minister at High Laver; June the 1st 1807; being then 7 years of Age.

Poignant or what?

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