Friday, 5 November 2010

Stocking Pelham, Hertfordshire

St Mary was, rather unsurprisingly, locked and I rather suspect that there would be little, monumentally speaking, of interest to be seen. However it's rather sweet and I bet mass, especially a sung mass, would be great.

ST MARGARET. Norman nave (see the small window in the S wall). The chancel is Dec, obviously built for a church more important than is the present one. Large E window of four lights with early flowing tracery. Contemporary S Windows. On the N side the church had an aisle and a chancel chapel which were later pulled down. Small Georgian cupola. Inside low BOX PEWS.

St Mary (2)

Stocking Pelham. It has three good companions, a little church, a barn about twice as big, and the rectory still guarded by part of its old moat. The plain little church has been here about 600 years, and in its belfry hangs a bell which may have rung out the news of Agincourt. Its business, it tells us in Latin, is to drive away all evil things. One other link has this church with the Long Ago, fragments of glass five or six centuries old.

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