Saturday, 28 September 2013

Chilmark, Wiltshire

I should have liked St Margaret of Antioch - the village is a gem, the location is perfect and the exterior is of interest - but I didn't. The Victorians restoration here was so savage that the soul of the church has been utterly destroyed. It's so depressing inside that I missed the Jacobean pulpit - although I think Mee must be overcompensating.

Corbel (2)


W from Chilmark

Chilmark. One of its lanes leads us to the quarries that have supplied beautiful cream stone for many of the old houses, fine bridges, and vanished priories of Wiltshire, for its glorious cathedral at Salisbury, and for Chichester’s spire.

The fine church tower has a tapering spire and charming belfry windows; it is upheld by four arches and a vaulted roof. The doorway is 700 years old, and has at its sides two little men wearing pleated collars; one is crowned, and appears to be holding a stick and a drum. Through this doorway may have come for his christening little John de Chilmark, a mathematician and philosopher who in the 14th century was called the Archimedes of his age. In the church is a handsome Jacobean pulpit.

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