Monday, 26 July 2010

Framlingham Castle, Suffolk

I know that Framlingham Castle isn't a church, although Framlingham does have a church - which I appear to have made a huge mistake not to have visited; in my defence I was on my way to Aldeburgh for a long weekend with friends with 5 children; children will accept a detour to a castle but often, in my experience, draw a line at viewing a church (although they can be tempted by cathedrals or abbeys so long ass sugar intake is sufficient).

Anyway the tree has enough connections to the castle to warrant bending the rules - as with Euston.

I loved the castle, it appealed to my weird castle button - a proper old castle with a Tudor house built inside and an attached Jacobean poorhouse...could you ask for anything more? In addition a wall walk, a proper 360 degree walk around the battlements with fantastic views and hanging hearths complete with chimneys, arrow slits and interesting display rooms. Seriously it brings the little boy out of you, I imagine it also brings some little girls out in a paroxysm of pleasure too but it didn't work it's charm on the female teenagers I was with...they merely ate ice cream and sunbathed.

It's strange that castles tend to be a boy thing with the occasional girl getting the excitement - I went to Castle Hedingham with my youngest (boy)and his best friend (girl) and they both loved it and to Framlingham with my eldest (girl) and her best friend (girl) and they were bored witless whilst the rest of us (4 boys) loved it - strange n'est pas?

Normally I would enter Mee's comments but he goes on over almost seven pages and that would be self masturbatory indulgent so you'll have to make do with pictures alone (I apologise for the quality but they were taken two years ago with a Kodak EasyShare V1003 - this was before I had invested in my, utterly awesome, Olympus E-420).

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