Mainly about 718 churches within a 50 minute drive from my house but also includes churches from elsewhere and some family history.


  1. Good afternoon,

    I came across your blog after I discovered one of your photographs on Flikr(sp). It is the one of Joseph Margetts Pierson 1842 in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

    My husband is a direct decended of both Joseph Margetts and Thomas Pierson Trapp. We would love to add the photograph to our ancestry family tree but appreciate that you would hold the copyright. Is there a way that we might be able to come to some agreement/

    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind reagrds,
    Ann Eidmans

    1. Hi Ann - if you let me know your email address I'll dropbox the original to you.

    2. Sorry but I missed seeing your kind reply to my query. My e-mail address is eeidmans@hotmail.com

      As you probably hold the copyright would you need payment?

      Kind regards,

  2. Hello~

    I also found one of your photos on Flikr, taken at Broxbourne of a memorial plaque for Christopher Brandram, my grandfather's first cousin. I was wondering if I might obtain a copy for reference in my family files? Please reply to ecbooks (at) netv (dot) ca.

    Thank you. I enjoyed exploring the church through your photographs and blog!

    Elizabeth Campbell