Friday, 17 September 2010

Great Wratting, Suffolk

St Mary - locked and possibly defunct, it certainly feels it although the graveyard is well maintained so perhaps it's in occasional use. I liked this church, the buttressed tower gave it a maidenly aunt trousseau effect -I wanted to cling on to it and nestle between the buttresses for the comfort I would receive and like a maiden aunt it's slightly scruffy, looks a little unloved but almost certainly holds treasures within. To add to the charm it is surrounded by trees which lends it a seclusion that you don't often find.

UPDATE - having revisited several times, and having never been able to find the keyholders (who are now listed), I have now written St Mary off and regard it as a LNK church.

ST MARY. Septaria and flint. Nave and chancel and W tower, its top of brick. Nice Perp S doorway. Good E.E. chancel with lancet windows. Sedilia and Piscina triple-shafted. The corbels under the chancel arch originally supported the rood beam. - PLATE. Cup 1662; Almsdish 1676.

GREAT WRATTING. it is set by the little River Stour, which refuses to hide itself and here runs defiantly across the road. Those who seek gossip pass under an arch of whalebone at the inn; those who seek peace climb the grassy knoll to the church; its chancel 13th century, its tower 200 years younger. It has an ancient door sheltered by a porch, a great plain font six centuries old, and a fine old chest with rich panelling and inlaid carvings of flowers in vases

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