Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Ashley, Cambridgeshire

St Mary - oh dear. Although historically there has been a church in Ashley and nearby Silverley since the thirteenth century, Ashley's fell in to disrepair and was pulled down whilst Silverley as a village disappeared. The present church was built in 1845 by the Marquis of Bute and can only be described as bland, and that's being overly polite. About the only thing of interest in the building is a monument to Mary Langley who died in the sinking of the SS Empress of Ireland and that's only interesting because of the story behind the sinking and not in itself!

ST MARY. Neo-Norman, 1845; architect unknown.

St Mary (1)

Nave (1)

One to avoid methinks, albeit it was open - Mee certainly did as there is no reference to Ashley cum Silverley in my edition of Cambridgeshire (and yes I did check Essex and Suffolk in case of boundary changes).

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