Saturday, 13 September 2014

Ride & Stride

I decided to take advantage of the annual Essex Ride & Stride day to revisit, having checked that they were taking part in the day, four churches that I've always found LNK - Takeley, Great & Little Hallingbury and Farnham. Of the four the first three were locked and Farnham appears to be now regularly open (or so the sign in the porch seems to imply but I'm slightly sceptical since I've never found it open on numerous visits).

Now I'm not one to rant but given that, apart from raising huge amounts of money for church conservation, one of the purposes of this event is that it "opens the doors to some of Britain’s most rare and unusual churches, chapels and meeting houses" (I readily admit that none of the four could be described as rare or unusual)  but I hope, given the half hearted participation of the first three, that if they ever approach FoECT for a grant they're told to bugger off.

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