Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Little Finborough, Suffolk

St Mary sits out in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere and is kept locked with keyholders listed. Now normally I'd let this go since it is isolated [and I don't think the inside would be very rewarding] but the keyholder notice says "a key to the church may be obtained from one of the following by prior arrangement" - my italics.

As I've pointed out elsewhere this is probably more irritating than not having keyholders listed for one simple reason: how is a visitor who has travelled 55.5 miles [I google mapped it] to visit your church meant to know in advance that a key is available by prior arrangement? I just don't understand the mentality behind these kind of keyholder notices.

ST MARY. Nave and chancel and bellcote. Nothing much of interest. (Plain tympanum between nave and chancel. Cautley). The nave was rebuilt in 1856.

St Mary (3)

Bizarrely Mee also missed St Mary as well as Felsham.

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