Friday, 9 September 2011

Change of strategy

To date my blogodology has been to go on a tour, 'wash' the resulting pictures through Photoshop, upload the results to Flickr and then, as and when I could, update the blog.

Regular readers, if I have any, will have noticed a surge in posting since the end of August and that's because I wanted to clear the backlog of visited churches and change the blogodology of posting.

Henceforth I think it makes more sense to go on a tour, wash the resulting pictures, post to Flickr, update the blog, and then repeat. That way there will be continuum, not only in the blog but also in my thought process, the downside, however, will be an increase in rants about locked churches.

To kick the new method off - school started, or re-started, on the 6th of September and, having been stimulated by our trip to Layer Marney I planned a route that would take me to Radwell, Bygrave, Newnham, Caldecote, Ashwell and Hinxworth in Hertfordshire and then heading towards home crossing the border into Cambridgeshire with Steeple Morden, Guilden Morden, Litlington, Abington Pigotts and back into Hertfordshire to Royston (this was a considerably bigger tour than usual because the older two haven't gone back to Uni yet, so at least one them would be home when the youngest got back from school).

The planned route went a bit awry when I misheard the satnav and turned left on to the A10 rather than right but on the plus side this meant I added High Cross to the visit but with every plus comes a minus and I ran out of time for Royston - and battery but more of that later.

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