Friday, 2 September 2011

Hatley St George, Cambridgeshire

I visited and photographed St George several years ago but my PC ate the resultant photos and anyway it was pre digital SLR days, so a revisit was on the cards anyway.

Essentially the St George family church this somewhat decrepit church is lovely, as is the village and the location. Almost on the border with Bedfordshire, Hatley St George is just over my self imposed border but since the St Georges' are in my tree I pushed the limit. Roof angels, brass and a curious collection of wooden painted St George arms on the nave walls and around the tower arch are the main attractions but as a whole well worth a visit.

ST GEORGE. In the grounds of Hatley Park, just the right distance away from the house. Perp and much renewed. The upper parts of the tower remodelled in 1621, when smaller bell-openings were inserted into the arches of the Perp ones. Tudor brick buttresses to support the nave on its S side. - BRASS. Baldwin St George d. 1425, the effigy 31 in. in size (above pulpit).

St George


Hinge (1)

Roof angels (3)

HATLEY ST GEORGE. Its great house stands in a fine park looking on to the road; so it has stood 200 years, with a little church close by to keep it company, looking not much older though it all began 600 years ago. It is a simple aisleless place with a 17th century tower, a hammerbeam roof held up by angels, and painted shields of the St George family from medieval days, 28 in all. A brass portrait on the wall has been here 500 years, showing Sir Baldwin St George, who lived at the old manor house and is here in armour with his feet on a lion.



  1. Great to see the photos of a slice of British history. Thanks!