Friday, 23 September 2011

Little Amwell, Hertfordshire

Somewhat confusingly Holy Trinity is in Hertford Heath and Little Amwell doesn't appear to exist as a village but the church board begs to differ.

Holy Trinity (1)

I'd been here before, took a passing glance and driven on, which I think was a mistake. Built in 1863 to serve the congregation of Little Amwell who met in the school and whose nearest church was in Hertford itself - a walk that, whilst not long, was probably dis-inspirational - the building should be all that I abhor in Victoriana...but its not.

I like the apse and hate the 'spire', the transepts and porch are awful but overall it's appealing - I think it's the nave roof that swings it, because the rest of the fittings are dull.

Nave (1)

Mee didn't bother and I'm worried about liking a Victorian church - again.


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