Friday, 13 January 2012

St Dunstan, Canterbury

Ever since the eldest started uni at Canterbury I've been meaning to visit St Dunstan to record the Roper memorials - William Roper (1495-1577) was my children's 13th great uncle and married Margaret More (1505-1564), daughter of St Thomas More, and recovered his head - Thomas' not Williams' - from the poleoutside the Tower of London which was subsequently interred in the Roper vault in St Dunstan.

Margaret RoperWilliam Roper

William and Margaret Roper.

After accidentally visiting the city cemetery, misled by the imposing tower I spotted, I found the correct church and was decidedly underwhelmed. It has a very spruce feel to it and feels very 'restored'. At least I have recorded the Roper chapel and there was some OK late period glass but mostly this was a disappointment.

St Dunstan (4)

Glass (12)

Thomas Roper 1597 (1)

Mee barely mentions it merely saying 'St Dunstan's, which has the Roper Chapel, and the head of Sir Thomas More in a casket, can also boast a 13th century chest, a 14th century font cover, windows glowing in blue and gold, and a 16th century altar table'. I suppose the wealth of stunningness in the city does somewhat overwhelm this building.

Flickr. (St Dunstan is at the bottom of the set).

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