Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Fitzroy Clinton Robarts

Fitzroy, my 2nd Great Granduncle, and his descendants, is another slippery bugger about whom I can find very little (and his wife and children even less).

He was born in Roehampton, Surrey on 11 May 1841 the third son of Abraham George Robarts (1810-1860) and Elizabeth Sarah nee Smyth (1816-1864).

In 1841 he's found with his parents at Besborough Cottage, Roehampton, Surrey, in 1851 he's a pupil at Berkswell Hall, Berkswell, Warwickshire and in 1861 he's enumerated as a banker - presumably with the family bank - with his mother at Russell Farm, Watford, Hertfordshire.

On 21st June 1862 he married Isabella Dorothea Sherlock and they had:
  • Catherine Elisabeth Fitzroy - 28 May 1864 - 1916
  • Fitzroy John 2 Mar 1866 - 2 Dec 1936
  • Fitzroy Clinton 1873 - 1905 (presumably named posthumously after his father)
In 1869 they moved to, and appear to have become naturalised citizens of, Belgium and he was living on his own means.

And that's about it except that he died on 17 June 1873 in Antwerp and that his daughter, Catherine, appears to have married - or at least had a son by - Victor Antoine Rochet (1857 - 1914) named Charles Rochet b. 1891

Isabella lived on until 1920 dying in Antwerp and outliving two of her children.


  1. Hello, if you are not aware you are a descendant of King Charles II through your Robarts ancestry. So I am working on them too. I found a reference to the birth of Fitzroy John in Gentlemanly Magazine and it called his mother "Isabella, daughter of John Sherlock of Antwerp" So it would seem Isablla's family was already and she simply returned home taking her husband and children with her. It's the only little piece I have to add, but gives an idea where to look.