Monday, 17 October 2011

Galleywood, Essex

St Michael was locked with no keyholder listed and is nearly impossible to decently photograph surrounded as it is by trees and cables - I did my best and went for a walk through the wooded common.

Mee is circumspect, so I suspect I didn't miss anything of interest here.

ST MICHAEL AND ALL ANGELS. 1873 by St Aubyn (GR). In the Dec style, with a stone spire. 

St Michael (3)

GALLEYWOOD COMMON. A scattered village on the high ground south of Chelmsford, its glory is in its wild common, which we found a mass of living gold. The modern church stands on this wonderful gorse carpet, and its spire rises 127 feet high. A racecourse encircles the common and the church as well - an odd assemblage, though races were held at Galleywood long before the church came. Eight bells ring merrily in the steeple, which looks down on a churchyard beautiful with trees and flowers.


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