Saturday, 4 August 2012

Lexden, Essex

Ooops - when I visited Colchester I went to St Leonard in Lexden but forgot to write it up. It has funny open hours - basically Tue-Fri 9-1pm - and looks like an interesting interior. A re-visit when I finish off Colchester.

I revisited last Tuesday (14.05.13) and gained access. The interior, like the exterior, has been viciously Victorianised but traces of the C17th interior remain (the west gallery is the most prominent) and there are some good windows of their kind.

ST LEONARD. 1820-1. Cemented, Neo E.E., but the window tracery Neo Perp. W tower with funny spire. Chancel 1894.  - STAINED GLASS. S aisle E and S by Kempe. The E is earlier. It has Kempe’s signature, the wheat-sheaf, repeated three times in a shield, the S window is of 1910. The sheaf is combined with a tower, the sign of Kempe’s partnership with Tower. - MONUMENT. Richard Hewitt d. 1771. An exceedingly good standing wall monument, without effigy. Also without signature. Big plinth with rich neo-classical ornamentation. Inscription plate held by two genii. Large urn high up with a scene in relief. - GARDEN OF REST in the churchyard. Brick walls, a trim garden, an altar and a chapel. 1950 by Bailey & Walter.

Opening hours

Mee appears to have missed it.


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