Thursday, 16 May 2013

Virley, Essex

Lying just over a mile west of the Wigboroughs, Virley is a small village that appears to owe its name to its Norman owner at the time of the Domesday Book, Robert de Verli. St Mary's Church at Virley was one of the buildings most heavily damaged by the earthquake of 1884 with towers, parapets and roofs partially collapsing. Whilst St Mary the Virgin in Salcott was rebuilt St Mary, which was already in poor repair before being finished off by the earthquake, was left ruined.

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ST MARY. A ruin, but a ruin kept visually attractive. The remaining walls all in ivy, herbaceous borders inside the nave. The only feature of strictly architectural interest is the chancel arch. Transitional style, i.e. round arch with two slight chamfers, resting on semi-octagonal responds.

St Mary (1)

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