Friday, 5 November 2010


This is entirely incidental, and somewhat irrelevant, but I'm at my Mum and Dad's and am bored. To fill time I Googled myself and discovered that, according to, my family tree website,, ranks as the 84,115th largest site in the UK.

Does this mean content or visitors? I doubt the latter.

Perhaps it means design size on screen - I think I'm quite lean and mean, so perhaps not.

I have no idea, percentage wise, where I'm placed in the top 100 but average two websites per half the population times + four visits a month divided by page per view and add in a factor of 1% return visitors with a socio-economic rating of A to B to C, and indeed further - I sometimes attract all three in somewhat odd combinations.

Having fully studied and analysed the stats, I can confirm that I am an important influence on Geneaolgy as we we know it and the future of churches in my region.

Told you I was bored.

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