Thursday, 4 November 2010

Farnham, Essex

St Mary the Virgin was undergoing some serious work, I assume re-roofing, and was locked when I visited with not only no sign of a keyholder but no sign at all. The only reason I know it's called St Mary the Virgin is the interweb.

On the one hand I can understand why it is locked - this is the hardest to find church in the history of hard to find churches - but on the other that surely works in favour of keeping it open since, I suspect, only locals can find it with regularity, I'd certainly struggle to find it again!

Having found it I was slightly disappointed to find that it is a Victorian church built in 1859, however, this is more than made up for its location. I assume it is, or was, connected to the Hassobury estate since my sat nav was determined to take me through private roads to reach it - hence the trouble finding it since I'm not a drive along on private roads type.

ST MARY THE VIRGIN, 1859 by Joseph Clarke.
St Mary the Virgin

It appears that Mee couldn't find it either.

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