Monday, 15 November 2010

Bobbingworth, Essex

St Germain was locked with a sign stating that "Sadly due to recent thefts from this church and other local churches, this church will be kept locked. If you require access to the building please contact 01279 xxx xxx/xxxxxx". A by-product of being so near to Harlow and the M11 presumably. I had neither credit nor signal on my mobile, and a peer through a nave window didn't reveal any great treasures, so I shot exteriors and moved on to High Ongar.

The church has been heavily Victorianised - in fact it's pretty much new build - but a quick Google shows that it contains six hatchments, Exodus altar pieces and a wall monument. I'd have liked to have recorded the first two but such is life. The churchyard and setting were pleasant enough but I drove away confused as to why High Laver was open but Bobbingworth wasn't, surely they share the same risks?

St Germain (3)


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Mee doesn't have much to add:

BOBBINGWORTH. Thus it is written on the map, but Bovinger it appears on the peace memorial, and thus its people speak of it. It has a small green and much natural loveliness. Round the walls of the church is 16th century panelling, and the clerk’s desk has more elaborate woodwork of the period. The pulpit is enriched with Jacobean carving. A big 17th century chest has four slots for coins. After having been used as a flower bowl in Netteswell for 100 years, the 15th century font was recognised as having come from some church and placed in the churchyard of Little Parndon. Here the rector of Bobbingworth was walking one day and suspected that it had been removed from the old pedestal on which a 19th century font stood. This proved to be the case and the old bowl was brought home to Bobbingworth.

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