Thursday, 22 February 2018

Friday Bridge, Cambridgeshire

St Mark, locked no keyholder. Oh dear, I can't imagine what the good people of Friday Bridge were thinking of when, in 1864, they commissioned this monstrosity.

Pevsner is succinct: ST MARK. 1864 by J. B. Owen. Yellow brick, with W tower and spire.

St Mark (2)

Mee didn't bother but did mention a dubious Cromwell story in his Elm coverage viz:

The traveller who finds himself a mile or so away at Friday Bridge may be fortunate enough to see a storied relic of Oliver Cromwell  preserved at Needham Hall. It is an oak table from the old house of that name which stood here, and it is said that Cromwell slept on the table, so that he should be no better lodged than his soldiers.

For what it's worth Flickr.

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