Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Southery, Norfolk

Old St Mary, ruin, is one of the poorest ruined churches I've come across. Ivy clad and blocked off with an ugly chain link fence, little remains of the nave - a disappointment.

St Mary, locked, keyholder listed, I found, rather against my better judgement, strangely attractive, but not enough to go in search of the key.

ST MARY. NE of the present church is the ruin of the old one. Nave and chancel. The walls stand up, but there are no details. When Ladbroke drew about 1823, the church was still complete. It had a wooden bell-turret. The new church is of 1858 and was designed by Higham & Robinson (GR). It is a neat building of small brown stones with a broach spire. - PLATE. Elizabethan Chalice.

Old St Mary (1)

St Mary (2)

Another one Mee missed.

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